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Welcome to Leather Fix Austin ~ Meticulous Upholstery Repairs At Your Door
Don’t Replace Your Furniture…LeatherFix Your Furniture!

You will be amazed at how well the repairs will look!
Some people have been so pleasantly surprised when they cannot
tell where the damage was before.

When we say;
“Meticulous Upholstery Repairs and More Right To Your Door!
we mean we take the time to perfect the repair as much as possible to
make the damaged item look brand new with no indication of prior damage.
We are not interested in “Quick Fix approaches that do not hold or expect you to settle for
just a “Patch Up Job”. We can perform a "Simple Repair" that would be the minimum without the cosmetic surface restoration to help keep the cost down.
We also repair cloth, micro-fiber,vinyl as well a variety leather damage.

We perform most of our work right at your location!
Serving Austin and the local suburbs with no trip charge!
We quote over the phone or by your digital photo sent to our e-mail address!
All of our work is completed by the job and not by the hour...
you will know what the cost is before we start!!!

Most work is covered for 12 months against peeling, flaking,
rubbing off, or separating. (Rotted Material not covered)

SEND YOUR DIGITAL PHOTO TO LeatherFixMobile@gmail.com
Please take one shot of the damaged area with a coin or a paper clip in the photo for
a size reference and then step back a few feet and take an overall shot with the
damage in the shot to see where it is located and that’s it! You will be amazed at how well the repairs will look!

Some people have been so pleasantly surprised when they cannot tell where the damage was before.

  • Repairs: Pet Damage, Cuts, Cigarette Burns, Cracks, Holes, Slices, Plus Repairs on Leather, Cloth, Velour, Vinyl and Plastic Items and Furniture.

  • Cleaning and Conditioning: we will come to your home and clean and condition your leather furniture with our exclusive cleaning solutions to get the toughest dirt out and then apply a unique Mink
    Oil and Neat’s-foot Oils to moisturize your leather to help eliminate dryness cracking and skin oil contamination.

  • Custom Stitching: Stitch openings closed whether it is leather, cloth , micro-fiber, or canvas

  • Recoloring: We can completely change the color of your furniture! (See Examples)

  • Custom Coloring: We can apply a "marbling" technique and/or additional colors to your furniture to increase the richness of its look

  • Color Freshment: Food or Ink Stains, Discolorations, Wear and Tear from aging. Whether it is one chair or an entire living room set, we can either match the existing color with a flat or gloss sheen appearance or completely change the color with our re-dye process for fine furniture.

  • Personal Leather Items: high-end shoes and leather coats, PURSES (Loius Vitton-Coach), Bomber Jackets, and boots!

  • Antique Leather Restorations: we can restore a variety of old leather items whether they are 30 to 60 years old! Call Lee for details about this unique service here in Austin.


  • Residential: Protected Leather, Aniline (Distressed) Semi-Aniline(fades easy) Leather Couches, Chairs, Ottomans & Table Tops.

  • Automotive Interiors:
    Side Door Panels, Seats, Consoles, Dash Boards, Headliners & Carpeting!

  • Marine Interiors:
    Vinyl Seats, Panels, Carpeting Stains, Dashboards, and Engine Covers

  • Aircraft Interiors:
    Leather, Cloth, Vinyl Seats, Consoles, and Carpeting.

  • Commercial Application:
    hotels, restaurants, moving companies, and companies we perform work right at your location.

To contact Leather Fix Austin for an appointment, or with questions please feel free to contact us by email at LeatherFixAustin@Yahoo.com or CALL 512-638-3000.

Lee will be glad to assist you by answering questions, and providing an fair estimate for any repair work you may need.

We take pride in our work and restoration method and treat your furniture like it was our own.

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